Photo Printing / Print a Photo with the Photo Editing Software

Since photo printing is a very important part of photo editing software, here is how you do it.

Print-Studio - Print Photo Album - Report (Multi-page)
  1. Click the button Print-Studio in the main pulldown menu.
  2. The overview menu appears.
  3. Click the checkbox Print Photo Album
  4. Select the pictures you want to print. Title of Photo Album
    Enter the album title here. This text will be printed as headline on the first page later on.

    You're able to print additional information of the picture:
    Print Filename of the picture
    Print Footer = Date of print
    Print Text = The text to the right of the picture

    Insert Text
    Insert text by clicking the box to the right of the selected picture (below the word Text) and typing the text into it.

    Shadow and Border
    If you want your pictures to have a small border, activate this checkbox.

    Based on the preview, you can ensure if the print meets your expectations. Settings like e.g. the landscape format must be done in the printer settings.

    Move picture up
    If you like to change the order of the pictures (they will be scanned in order of their filenames), mark the picture and click the button Move picture up. The selected picture will be moved upwards by one step. Of course you can click the button multiple times. It's not possible to move a multiple number of pictures at once.

    Move picture down
    If you like to change the order of the pictures (they will be scanned in order of their filenames), mark the picture and click the button Move picture down. The selected picture will be moved downwards by one step. Of course you can click the button multiple times. It's not possible to move a multiple number of pictures at once.

    Select All
    By clicking the button Select All you can mark every picture in the list for printing. Pictures which were selected for printing have their checkbox (left on the list) checked.

    Unselect All
    By clicking the button Unselect All you can unmark every picture in the list. Pictures which were not selected for printing have their checkbox (left on the list) empty.

  5. Switch to printing mode by clicking the button Preview/Print. The preview displays all the selected pictures of the photo album you want to print.
  6. Now you can change additional settings in the printer’s options, like e.g. landscape format.
  7. Make sure your printer is supplied with paper and print the pictures.

Print-Studio - Poster printing - Report (Multi-page)
  1. Open the picture you want to print as a poster.
  2. Click the button Print-Studio in the main pulldown menu.
  3. The overview menu appear.
  4. Click the checkbox Poster printing
  5. Move the slider to the right of the preview to change the size of the sheets.
  6. The yellow grid represents the amount of required sheets
  7. Click the button Print
  8. The print preview opens.
  9. Make sure your printer is supplied with paper and print the pictures.
  10. Click the printer symbol to start printing

Print-Studio - Print Calendar
  1. Open at least 12 pictures
  2. Click the button Print-Studio in the main pulldown menu.
  3. The overview menu appears.
  4. Click the checkbox Print Calendar
  5. Arrange the pictures into an order: The first picture (on top) equates January (1st month of the year), etc... To arrange the pictures, mark a picture by clicking on it and click the buttons Move picture up or Move picture down.
  6. Make sure the pictures are either in the upright or landscape format to make the calendar appear more consistant.


  7. Select the calendars layout:
    Number 1 - 18 : Upright format
    Number 19 - 30 : Landscape format


  8. Select the year for the calendar.
    Days Display
    Select the font for the days. The font can additionally be printed bold or italic

  9. Pick a color for the weekdays
  10. Pick a color for Sunday's
  11. Pick a background color. You get a transparent background by picking the white color and printing on white paper.

    Months Display
    Select the font for the months. The font can additionally be printed bold or italic

  12. Pick a color for the months
  13. If you wish, you can add a shadow in a specified color for the months.
  14. Click the button Preview/Print
  15. The print preview opens.
  16. Make sure your printer is supplied with paper and print the pictures.
  17. Click the printer symbol to start printing


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Photo Printing
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