Mask Effects / Copy & Paste with the Photo Editor

Mask effects can be very useful when included in a photo editor. This function offers a lot of freedom to be creative.

Mask Effects / Copy & Paste - In General

In General:

Please note the following information, for which effects and features a selection (mask) is required and for which effects and functions are not.

Selection Tools - Set Selection (mask):

  1. Select mask type
  2. Draw the mask with [Left mouse button] pressed
Please note:
  • For the selection tool [Freehand] double-click to end the selection (after drawing the mask "double-click")
  • For the Magic Wand selection tool: The Magic Wand Selection Tool selects a contiguous area based on a color. For this, the Intensity selection (= Strength of edge detection) can be specified.
  • After that the mask can be moved if desired
  • To draw several masks one after the other, press the [Caps lock key] and draw the next selection (= mask)
Invert - Inverts the selection (mask)
Remove - removes all selection masks
Soft Edge - Makes a soft edge from the hard edge of the mask. The border width can be specified here.

Mask Effects / Copy & Paste - Copy & Paste

Copy & Paste:

For Copy & Paste, a selection (mask) is required first. Immediately after copying, the new object is inserted in the image.

The following keys are available for copying:
  • The keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+C]
  • The right mouse button and then Content menu [Copy & Paste]
  • The button Copy & Paste
After copying & pasting, move the new object or resize it.
  • The inserted object can be moved with pressed mouse button
  • To resize, drag and drop the edges of the object
  • To maintain the aspect ratio when resizing, press the [Alt] key

Mask Effects / Copy & Paste - Object selection

Object selection:

If you have several objects in your image, the object selection works via:
  • First press the Select object button and then click with the mouse on the desired object in the picture.
  • Or by switching the object selection box.
ATTENTION: The background (original image) also counts as an object.

Insert objects into another image:

After you have created the objects in the opened image, press the button Move objects into a new image and then select the new image! The new image is virtually the new background and the objects in the foreground are preserved.

Mask Effects / Copy & Paste - Effects


As mentioned before, some effects work without selection (mask) and are applied to the entire image. Other effects require a selection (mask) and the effect depends on this mask.

  • Invert the selection (mask) in advance if you want to apply the effect to the area outside the mask.
  • Each effect alerts you when you press the respective Effect button whether you need a mask or not.
  • Do you want to apply an effect stronger - for example blur - so press the button simply more times until the desired effect strength is reached!
  • If you want to have an effect again weaker, then just press the button Image Editing Undo, as often as the desired effect strength is reached!
  • Under the button More Effects you will find many more effects that are possible.

Copy & Paste - Pro Method with the Photo Editor

Copy & Paste - Pro Method

Copy & paste like the professionals by cropping the object to be copied!

For the perfect "Copy & Paste" result, the object must first be cut out cleanly for copying.

Use a soft edge, so that the edges of the object are not visible in the new image.

To crop, the background of the image is painted with a color. This color then becomes transparent in the new image. For this you have brushes in different sizes, shapes and with a soft and hard edge.

After the object has been freed (that is, the background has been painted in a particular color), you can optimally insert the object (e.g., a person) into another image.

Exactly with this method also professionals accomplish a flawless "copy & paste" (a so-called photo montage).

The traditional method of simply drawing a mask around the object using the freehand mask is much less accurate. In addition, the new image shows hard edges of the cut object.

For this, the following steps are necessary:

Copy & Paste - Pro Method - Step 1

Step 1: First cut out a generous rectangle around the object that you want to copy

Cut out a generous rectangle around the object that you want to paste into another image.

To perform this, drag the mouse over the image while holding down the mouse button!

Then press the "Cut" button.

Copy & Paste - Pro Method - Step 2

Step 2: Select color for the transparent area

Select the color to crop the background.

This color will then be used as a transparent area after cropping, allowing a seamless paste of the object into another image.

If possible, choose from the 4 colors the one that is not (or least) in the object to be copied.

Only then the result in the edge area of the object will be perfect.

For example, if you want to cut a person, choose from the four background colors the one that is least similar to the colors of the person's clothing.

Copy & Paste - Pro Method - Step 3

Step 3: Crop the object (remove background by coloring)

Now set the area around the object free! To do this, paint the complete background with the color for cropping. Everything you paint with this color will then be transparent. Please do not paint the object to be copied! To paint, drag the mouse over the image while holding down the mouse button! Use the appropriate brush shapes and brush sizes.

Copy & Paste - Pro Method - Step 4

Step 4: Insert, move and scale object

A) Insert object (cut out as exactly as possible)

Here are some parameters available to cut the object as accurately as possible.

In addition, you can still set a soft edge for the cut object. This inserts the object into the new image optimally.

The description of the individual parameters can be found in the program when you move the mouse over the respective tool.

B) Move and scale object

If the transparent background color is not detected automatically, you have the option of defining it with a mouse click.

Now you can move, enlarge or reduce the inserted object while holding down the mouse button.
  • The inserted object can be moved with pressed mouse button
  • To resize, drag and drop the edges of the object
  • To maintain the aspect ratio when resizing, press the [Alt] key

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